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Forum in Guinea Bissau focuses on essential laws for urban equity in developing countries

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Streetlife in Bissau, Guinea Bissau

What are the essential laws for urban equity in the context of developing countries?

This was a question UN-Habitat posed recently in Guinea Bissau at a forum with international experts and legal academics from the University of Bissau, civil society and local administrators.

Just emerging from a period of military rule and having a newly elected government, the country and indeed, the capital city of Bissau, have to grapple with some challenges in relation to its urban development. For a city like Bissau with a growing population of almost half a million, managing its rapidly changing urban setting is challenging.

In this context, basic frameworks are as basic as having a range of planning laws, a national urban policy and a fully functioning and independent municipal government. For locals at the forum, these basic laws and institutions would help develop a set of priorities and galvanize some level of coordination around urban planning. The goal being to start a conversation around equity for Bissau urban dwellers and around access to basic services, housing, improved roads and public transport.

UN-Habitat is actively undertaking work on essential laws for sustainable, inclusive and equitable urban development, particularly for women and those in the informal sector. For more information join the Urban Legal Network and ask a question in our forum.

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